Custom Software Development Service in India

iGeek Squad Bay Pvt. Ltd. (IGSB) Provides Custom Software development according to your business needs. Either you require Web-Based Software or Desktop Based Software, Feel Free to Contact Us. We will help you out regarding your needs And will deliver the Custom software you are looking for. This software will help you save Time, Manpower shortage, and your Hard-earned Money so that You can focus on Plan to grow your Business.

Being the best Software Devlopment Company in USA UK, Australia, South-Africa, Canada, and Asian Countries, we offer high-quality Software Development services in India . With creative skills & expertise to create professional Custom Software that will help get your business Unique identity, it also sets your business apart from your competitors.

At iGeek Squad Bay Pvt. Ltd., eye-catchy design & quality content are two key ingredients we take special care. Along with that, we treat every project at high priority and put 101 percent of our efforts, skills, and strengths to make our potential client satisfied. Our Professional Software Engineer knows that user-friendly Software will always inspire a user to stay more on the Software and feel good to use the Software without having trouble, which leads to more conversion and better work results.

As a leading Software development company and an experienced team of Software developers, they solve business problems and help startups & enterprises' problems with Software technologies. Our team comprises experienced Designer and developers with excellent proficiency in the platform as well as all its versions. Our extensive platform-expertise makes us capable of providing a full range of Custom Software development services that are a perfect match for the client's demands. We live up to mark the clients' particular project demands that help them accomplish their desired business aims. At iGeek Squad Bay Pvt Ltd, we have a great team of Software Development experts who can convert your idea into a reality.

Our Software Development Process

At iGeek Squad Bay Pvt Ltd, we have a great team of Custom Software development experts who can convert your idea into a reality. As a profound Custom Software Development company, we have a prominent experience and follow the Software Development process.


Without the perfect plan, calculating the project's strengths and weaknesses, software development is meaningless. Planning kicks off a project flawlessly and affects its progress positively.


In this phase, we analyze the software's performance at various stages and make notes on additional requirements. An analysis is fundamental to proceed further to the next step.


After the completion of the Analysis Phase, it comes Designing phase. In this phase, we design the architecture of the Software. This step helps us to remove flaws by setting up the standard and Aim of Software.

Development, Implementation and Testing

Developing software starts from this phase with the help of all documentations and Aim of Software. Once the software development gets completed, we implement the software and do all kinds of testing. In the testing process, our main target to find out all errors and bugs and fix them.


Once the software passes through all the phases without any bugs, it undergoes a maintenance phase wherein it will be maintained and upgraded from time to time to adapt the changes.

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