Explanatory Animated Video Service in India

iGeek Squad Bay Pvt. Ltd. (IGSB) Provides Animated Video service, which boosts your Business Goal and Services. Animated videos are the best way to explain your service and Your Brand. It helps the end-user easily understand what service you provide and how your workflow works and the business service you can offer to the customer. We believe video can humanize your brand, educate your customers, promote your products, and so much more. It’s not just about having one good animated explainer video on your homepage. Video, like any marketing effort, is an ongoing strategy. Animation video production companies, like us, can fully execute that strategy with you.

Being the best Animated Video Agency Company in USA UK, Australia, South-Africa, Canada, and Asian Countries, we offer high-quality Animated Videos services in India , Uttarakhand, India. With creative skills & expertise in script to boost your Business service and Brand that will help get your business Unique identity, it also sets your business apart from your competitors.

Animation Video Process

At iGeek Squad Bay Pvt Ltd, we have a great team and follow this process of Animation. The 2D animation process is the technique of creating the illusion of movement using still images in a two-dimensional space. It includes characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in the form of vector graphics. We Use software like Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Information Gathering

In this phase, we gather information like Type of your business and the purpose of animated video. Then we collect the information regarding the targeted audience.

Concept and Script

In this phase, we work on an idea for an animated video. It can either be conceptual, character-driven, or conversational, that suits best to your business Goal or Brand promotion. Keeping in mind the goal of your business, we also decide video length and script format so that the animated video which will be created should be clear and easy to understand to your customer.

Voiceover recording and Storyboard

In this phase, we choose the right voice to deliver your powerful message through animated videos. In Voiceover recording, we select the perfect pace and tone voice for animation with stress the right words, follow the correct pitch, and pause at the right place. After that, we narrate the animation by creating visual in detail storyboard, i.e., hand-drawn sketches.

Visual Style and Animation

In this phase, we give life to sketch, which means color to animation according to your demand. after that, we start the animation of a sketch, the animated explainer video begins to take shape! Here, our animators provide the illusion of life to the created visual style.


In this phase, we add the perfect soundtrack and sound effects. If the client's budget is high, we hire a music composer or choose the best licensed and royalty-free music from reliable sources. After that, we deliver an animated project to live.

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