About iGeek Squad Bay Journey to IT Consultancy Company Uttarakhand India

iGeek Squad Bay Pvt. Ltd. (IGSB) started its journey as Website Designing Company . With a small team of web designers and developers scaled up to a full-service web designing with software development capabilities. it soon started growing with number of clients and Team members. Now fully established as IT Consultancy with IT Professional expert in Custom design website, e-commerce website, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Explanatory Animation videos and mobile apps. IGSB serve its businesses service around the world. We offer top class Service to build a healthy and long lasting client relationship, for us client's satisfaction is first, then revenue. At iGeek Squad Bay, We believe that the relationship between the client and the service provider should be a win-win relationship where the client is delighted with the project outcomes and the service provider is contented in being able to ensure client satisfaction and project success. This belief inspires us to go to great lengths to develop solutions and services that surpass the expectations of the Clients in terms of quality and excellence.

Some Stats About Our Work

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Digitization already served to industries to achieve their Goal


Yoga Center

Yoga is being practised from ancient India. Yoga helps the people to maintain Physical as well as in mental balance, which help to alleviate tension and stress. Now days people from west are also focused toward yoga. so good website, online tutorial, videos etc. are good medium to reach all the people and to get new yoga student.


Education Sector

Either it is Schools, Colleges or Coaching center, You need our digitization service to achieve your goal and to build good will among the parents. Our service will fulfill your requirement of Education Management Software, Online Portal, Dynamic Website, Digital Marketing etc. so that you are counted as Top Ranked.


Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry is one of the luxury industry, it runs on the quality you serve to customer. To get more and more customer, this industry need best review in digital plateforms. IGSB helps you to achieve this Goal, by proper plans and digitizing your Hospitality business with help of new advance technologies.


Health Care

Health Care Industries consist of many field like, Hospital, Clinic, Doctor, Pharma, Pathology center etc. this industry needs good online profile to Boost the business. A good online profile can be achieve by website, blog, vblog etc. IGSB Helps you to achieve this goal, with its profesional service and best business plans.


Taxi Service

Taxi Service Business is most Competitive business. This business have lot's of customers (like trip Planned Customers, uncertain Customers), but there are lots of Competition as well between business owner. So, to overcome this competition you need Our Service, reach to customer, before other business owner reach them.


Real Estate

Real Estate Business is one of the top Business. It contain lots of crucial deals and there are lots of competition between Business owners. The Business owner who have best website and Digital Marketing strategy are successful to crack the deal and customer. IGSB will help you out to conqueror this Competitive Business.